I am a project scientist working on automatic coding of facial expressions with Jeffrey F. Cohn and Takeo Kanade at the Robotics Institute at the Carnegie Mellon University and also in the Affect Analysis Group at the University of Pittsburgh.

I received my Ph.D of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems from the University Of Tokyo, working under the supervision of Takashi Kubota and Hideki Hashimoto. My doctoral research investigated real-time facial expression analysis using 3D deformable models.

Previously, I obtained my Master's degree in Computer Science at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, where I worked on artifical intelligence techniques for computer Go under the supervision of Zoltán Istenes.


2015-06 - ZFace will be released on July 15th!

2015-05 – At FG 2015 I received an Outstanding Reviewer Award and a Best Paper Award with Jeffrey F. Cohn and Takeo Kanade for our paper on Dense 3D Face Alignment from 2D Videos in Real-Time!

2015-02 – Our papers on Dense 3D Face Alignment from 2D Videos in Real-Time and on How much training data for facial action unit detection? will be presented at FG 2015!

2014-12 – Our journal paper on Spontaneous facial expression in unscripted social interactions can be measured automatically has been published in Behavior Research Methods (Springer, IF: 2.458)!

2014-08 – I will be presenting our work on Spatio-temporal Event Classification using Time-series Kernel based Structured Sparsity at ECCV 2014!